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Stichting Plastic Whale

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Stichting Plastic Whale
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Plastic Whale Foundation
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The main activities of the Plastic Whale foundation is to organize public events & plastic fishing events for schools and our education program for group 7 and 8 of primary schools.
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Plastic Whale Foundation’s mission is to take action with as many youngsters as possible for plasticfree land and sea worldwide. With our creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and positivity, it is our aim to create social awareness for the problem of plastic pollution by showing that economic value can be created from plastic waste. We want to involve as many youngsters as possible to come plastic fishing with us via our School- and education program and inspire them to take positive action for the solution.
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Late 2015 The Plastic Whale Foundation started a school program which is focused on the engagement of kids and young adults from a very positive perspective; value creation of plastic waste. Plastic Whale doesn’t believe in pointing or raising the finger when it comes to involving people, young people especially. During our public events we learned first-hand that kids love plastic fishing. They are very keen to fish as much plastic as possible, but they understand intuitively that plastic should not be in the water. And when we show them that we actually produce beautiful boats (the actual boat that they’re in!) from the waste that they fish out of the canals, they can do the maths themselves: plastic should not be regarded as invaluable waste, but as a valuable raw material from which you can make cool new products. Last year, we expanded our School program with an Education program for primary schools, group 7 and 8. Since the start in late 2015, the reach of our School program has grown exponentially. In 2016 we went plastic fishing with 510 kids, in 2017 we involved 981 youngsters. In 2018 we more than doubled our impact by going plastic fishing with 2022 kids in total, of which 622 kids participated in our Education program. Since the the start of 2018, our franchise in Rotterdam has also started plastic fishing with schools via our School program and they also expanded their impact with the Education program. In 2018 they went plastic fishing with 210 kids, who all followed the Education program, divided over 13 school classes. So far, over 3.000 kids have been plastic fishing with the Plastic Whale Foundation! The Plastic Whale Foundation has organized, free public events since the start of 2011; the Plastic Whale ‘Koningsvissen’ and the ‘Pride Plastic Fishing’, which are on two of the most polluted days of the year. Additionally, the Plastic Whale Foundation organized two public events in 2018. The results of 2018 were overwhelming! Firstly, on Saturday 28th of April we organised the ‘Koningsvissen’ event. To cure the King’s Day hangover and the plastic waste in the canals, we cleaned up the canals with 254 fishermen! In addition to the Plastic Whale boats, we also partnered up with Mokum boat who supported us with their boats during the event. This year we fished 245 bags of trash from the canals and 39 bags filled with PET. Secondly, on Sunday 8th of August we organised the ‘Pride Plastic Fishing’ event. This festival attracts several hundred-thousand visitors each year resulting in a lot of plastic waste in the canals of Amsterdam. This year 278 fishermen participated with a fleet of 31 boats! We fished 213 bags of trash from the canals and 3255 plastic bottles that will be recycled and made into our boats and furniture.
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Stichting Plastic Whale


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